What Is a VPN | And Why Do You Need One?

What Is a VPN | And Why Do You Need One?

How many times have you heard about “VPN”? Such a famous word that is constantly repeated so many times. Well, it’s normal. In such a big and connected world, it’s more than usual to find people using this term more often than others.

But… do you have any clue of what it means? Or what it can do for you?

What Is a VPN | And Why Do You Need One?

Most probably not… But don’t worry, in this article, you will learn all the necessary stuff for you to understand how it works. How it can help you out. And how it can protect you from threats.

We wrote a F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) for you to understand better. And of course, to guide yourself through all this guide as easier as possible.

Below you will find the Table Of Contents. For you to navigate through all the content inside this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Exactly A VPN?
  • Why Use A VPN?
  • How To Buy A VPN – Your Online “Secret-Weapon”
  • How To Install Your VPN
  • How To Install VPN On Windows 10
  • How To Install VPN On iPhone
  • How To Install VPN On Android
  • Final Thoughts

What Is Exactly A VPN?

Well… without so many questions, let’s clarify this. A VPN is known as a “Virtual Private Network” – and that explains it almost by itself.

This can help you out to connect through the internet without being discovered. Connecting through dedicated servers where you will be perfectly safe. And of course, without being exposed.

So… if I am not using a VPN, then it means that anyone can see what I am doing online?

Yes, and no. Well, only your Online Provider is capable of doing so. Or any other person that has bad intentions – or just has access to your device

For example, when you are visiting a new website for the first time – it requires access to an internet connection. You will connect through your provider. Also known as your “ISP” – that will redirect you to the content you want to see.

All this process is very difficult to explain. But in only a few words, all this only happens when you are visiting a site. Or just connecting to an application.

All of this will cause you a lot of panic. Because your internet provider could show the world what you are doing online. But hey, don’t worry. We will talk about this deeper in the next section.

How Does A VPN Works?

Well, the real function of a VPN is to redirect you to the website or application you want to connect to. Obviously, through their servers. In this way, no one will gain access to the content – or websites – you are visiting.

To make it shorter, a VPN takes care of protecting your privacy. Masking your real IP, and giving you an extra layer of security. All this is going to keep you anonymous through the internet – easy, fast, and without any hassles.

And all this is incredible. Right?

Yes. That is why thousands of people are getting brand new VPNs every day. Because of this new internet era, you are not protected. And anyone has access to the content you are watching.

And if it is so easy as it sounds, why the entire world didn’t notice yet?

That is a good question. Using a VPN is being a big trend. And this is what caused the appearance of dozens of them. Didn’t you notice that every five minutes you might be watching a new advertisement showing a VPN?

There are dozens of providers to choose from. But the decision needs to be your own. But be careful before getting started.

Now that you know all the functionalities of a VPN, maybe you would like to know why you should be using it. And in which cases it would be useful.

We are going to talk about this on the next topic. So please, pay attention.

Why To Use A VPN?

A lot of millennials refer to this term as “The Secret-Weapon To Protect Your Internet Data”. And yes, it’s true.

So let’s go to the point. We will talk about the most important functions and benefits that a VPN can bring to you. To help you make your life easier.

Protects Your Personal Data – Such as credit cards

Yes, how many times have you bought something on the internet? Experts estimate that more than 83% of people with access to the internet have ever bought something. From clothes to electronics. Or just services.

Every time you type the numbers of your credit card into a website, these are kept in there – anyway, it depends on the type of site you are purchasing from.

But it’s totally dangerous. I think that you would never give out your credit card numbers or bank credentials to a random guy. Would you?

It Will Protect You Even While You Aren’t At Home

Let’s imagine you are connecting to the internet at the airport, a coffee store, or a restaurant. You might be happy because you got free WIFI. But did you know that hackers could infect the network, and gain access to your data?

Well, if you were using a VPN this would be impossible to happen. Because it takes ride of all those possible attacks and encrypts all your data.

So you know it now. If you have important stuff on your device, or you value your privacy. Then you should try to consider using a VPN.

Protects You From Spies

Sorry for using this Headline, but it was really funny. But it’s true. Just like we explained before, your internet provider has access to all the content you watch on the internet.

But using a VPN turns it into an impossible task for them. And you will be a hundred percent sure that you are protected, with a brand new IP.

In a short conclusion, you would be an anonymous navigator. Isn’t that exciting enough? Well, if you care about your privacy – you should.

Allows You To Unlock Restricted Content

And yes. Just like many people say, the best things go in the last part. It’s a proven fact. A lot of governments restrict specific content – or websites – to “protect” their citizens.
But if you are using a VPN, you won’t have any trouble at all. 37% of people who got one, are using it for this only purpose. Gaining access to websites or applications that are locally restricted.

In too many countries – for example – Netflix has blocked movies and series that might not be available in your country. The same happens on YouTube.

This also applies to any other site your government might block. And this is very wrong… we all should be free to navigate through the internet.

In A Short Brief

So now that we are ending up with this section, you should have a better understanding of how a VPN can make your life easier.

From protecting your privacy to helping you out to get access to different content, without any problems at all. Just ask yourself, what am I waiting for to get all these features?

In the next section, we will explain to you how you can get started. And get a brand new VPN in only a few minutes.

How To Buy A VPN – Your Online “Secret-Weapon”

Most probably, you should be asking yourself why you haven’t got this before. But don’t worry, because you are still on time for doing so. Getting it is easier than you can imagine.

There are so many options available, that getting one is a simple process.

From different payment options to different plans, benefits, and features. And a lot of other stuff you need to take into consideration before getting your brand new VPN.

So, take care before buying it. There are too many providers from which you could get it. But the best thing you can do is to read the “small letters”. Remember that every company has its own purposes.

How To Choose The Best One

We will give you a few hints for you to choose a VPN that suits your needs. But you will also need to make your research – your own money, your own rules.

Analyze It First – Why Do I Need A VPN?

There are hundreds – or even thousands – of VPN providers on the internet. So there are too many which you can choose from. And most of them have different features. Be careful before purchasing.

Watch Out For Available Devices

As you might know, many of these providers have their own mobile apps. If you want to use it on your smartphone, pay attention to the “small letter”. And check if they are offering support for smartphones or other device types.

See In Which Countries They Have Available Servers.

This is super important. Too many providers are only offering connections to specific countries. If you are looking for one in particular, then look for providers that have that country available. Be careful, you could buy a useless VPN because of this.

Check Out Their Customer Support Quality

Many providers will try to convince you with a fancy website. With attractive plans, and good support. But once you need help, they would not be there to help you out. So, try to find a good and reliable VPN, which offers good customer care.

Compare Plans And Pricing

Maybe the most important thing – well, we all care about our money – so don’t be persuaded by fancy discounts. Try to buy from a provider that offers real and solid features. And if they offer you a good discount, then take it.

Money-Back Guarantee

And yes, this is happening, and you should use it. If you are just getting started to VPNs, then try to look for a provider that offers Money-Back Guarantee. Allowing you to cancel anytime.

In many cases, this guarantee is valid for 30 days. If you are not satisfied or you can’t understand the system, they would give you the money back. It’s fantastic.

In A Short Brief…

With all that you read until now, you should be able to think it twice first. Buying and choosing the right VPN is though decision. And there are too many things to consider first.

There is too much competition between providers, that is why they will always try to convince you. With an attractive quality and pricing. But be careful and pay attention to the terms.

In the next section, you will learn how to install them in just a few steps. Depending on your device, of course.

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How To Install Your VPN

Well, there is not too much science behind this. But till now, maybe you thought you needed a big and superior understanding to set up and run a VPN.

But it is not like that. In most of the cases, they use to be easy to install. For any person to be able to run it in a few seconds.

Their interfaces are more than intuitive. And you can even set up it with only a few clicks. If you got a VPN with customer support, they could help you out with this – if you find yourself in trouble.

But don’t worry, we will guide you through the entire process. And you will learn how to set up and install it – in less than five minutes.

How To Install VPN On Windows 10

Many case-studies showed that over 45% of existing computers are now using Windows. If you are also using it, especially the 10th version, then here you will learn how to install it in just a few steps.

First, you should have already bought the VPN. After this, you will get all the login details that you need to connect to their panel.

Once you already have all this stuff ready, then you are ready to start.

Download It And Install It

Nothing more to explain. Just download the program and click on “install”. You might need to wait for a few seconds until it appears on your desktop, and you can open the interface.

Open The VPN

Open the application – that is on your desktop – and that is it. It will probably ask you for your login details that you got before.

Connect and Explore The Dashboard

You will see a lot of options and buttons – probably – once you open the interface for the first time. And maybe you might not understand how it works. But don’t worry, it is normal. That’s why you need to pay attention to every detail before touching any button or configuration.

Run The VPN

And that’s it. Once you have it installed, you only need to click on “run” and get into a new world of possibilities. You will have access to different servers – and countries. You are free to choose the one that you need.

Have you seen that it is not so complicated to install a VPN?

For any doubts, you can contact your customer support. And they will try to help you out in less than five minutes – well, in most of the cases.

How To Install VPN On iPhone

Well, maybe you got an iPhone. Installing it is much more easier than in other devices. But it could take you a few extra minutes. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult task to do.

The process is the same. You only need to download it from the AppStore, and then log in to the dashboard. But if you are not an “expert” managing your phone, then be careful – to not make any mistake.

  • Download It From the Appstore
  • Run It
  • Use Your Login Details To Gain Access
  • And that’s it – Just connect to a server

The process is very simple. Once you already have the app installed, you will need to connect through a server – the amount of countries depends on your provider.

How To Install VPN On Android

If you got a phone with this operating system. Then you might be anxious about installing and running it. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to do it. It will only take you a few minutes of your time.

Before you do anything, make sure your provider offers support to Android devices. And that their App is on the Play Store. Otherwise, you would not be able to download and gain access to it.

The process is almost the same than in any other device. You only need to download the app, install it, and log in. To be able to connect to their servers later.

Have you seen that it is not so difficult? It might take you a few minutes of your time – but you will have your VPN running without any problems.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you might now have a lot of knowledge about VPNs. How they can help you out. How to choose the best one, and a lot of other stuff that is super important.

So, always be careful before purchasing a brand new VPN. Most providers make a lot of promises, and end up being fake ones.

Choose the one that meets all your requirements – like protecting your privacy, data, and connecting to other countries. Gaining access to restricted content is also a plus.

Try to find out reviews first. It is always good to look for other people’s opinions, to see if they got a nice service and customer support. Or even to check it if worth to pay that price.

Buying at festive times is a good thing to do. Because prices tend to go down by a lot – there are big discounts on Christmas.

And remember… there are hundreds of providers all over the internet, but only a few are worth it. The ones that really work. And you would not buy one that doesn’t work.

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