PureVPN Review 2020

PureVPN Review 2020

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PureVPN offers servers all over the world. It offers lengthy as well as appealing features. PureVPN offers reliable and secure VPN services since 2007. It claims to have a lengthy feature list that comes with more than 2000 self-managed servers in 180+ locations and 140 + countries. It comes with apps that offer everything you needed. If you want to know what is PureVPN, then you are in the right place. We will provide you unique features and a pricing range of VPN.

PureVPN Services are Compatible devices VPN Products Lists:

  • Windows VPN
  • Mac VPN
  • Linux
  • Android VPN
  • iOS VPN
  • Chrome & Firefox Extensions
  • Router VPN
  • Firestick TV

What is PureVPN?

PureVPN is stood for “Virtual Private Network“. It is the service offered by the “Hong-Kong based company” that was developed originally in 2006. The services offered by the VPN software was first launched the following year. It becomes one of the most popular and well-recognized VPN products on the market. It claims to have more than a million customers overall. 

PureVPN Server Locations Get Instant Access to the Fastest VPN Servers in the Universe!

Their services of the company offered are present globally in more than 500 servers in 6 continents and 141 countries. It allows the company to offers more than 80,000 unique IP addresses to its customers. The company has ownership of the server’s network to ensure better reliability. 

PureVPN is the premium service which offers p2p compatible, high-end security features like port forwarding and multi-level encryption, and unlimited bandwidth. It can also unblock Netflix. One drawback of this VPN is its poor quality and slow speed. 

After starting the whole setup, PureVPN for iPhone offers interesting options that enable to choose from: 

  • Stream
  • Security/privacy
  • Remote/Dedi IP
  • File sharing
  • Internet freedom

These options lead to having unique internet speeds. In privacy/security mode, the speed of upload/download is lower as compared to stream mode.

How PureVPN Works?

PureVPN offers a unique IP address for the computer. It brings lots of benefits to users as well as

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Features and Pricing

PureVPN offers a wide range of advantages to its customers irrespective of the platform they are operating on. So, just get this amazing iPhone app and enjoy the perfect features of PureVPN. Some features of PureVPN app are: 

  • High-speed connection
    PureVPN gets an amazing position in the market because of its remarkable speed that offers to your customers. The speed test shows that it offers perfect download and upload speed. The speed of connection offered by VPN software is reliable and of high-quality.
  • Split tunneling features
    PureVPN is a powerful VPN provider that allows one of the amazing features; split tunneling. With the help of split tunneling, users can easily split the data traffic. 
    It means that users can only dedicate a few traffic to run through VPN and keep aside other VPN to run at the high speed of internet connection. It is only available for the Windows platform, not for iOS and iPhone devices
  • Privacy and logging
    PureVPN mentioned customers the privacy policy. According to policy, This VPN software never shares any usage logs and personal information with 3rd party without any consent of the individual. It is another feature that attracts many customers. 
  • Lots of servers
    PureVPN software offers more than 80,000 IP addresses that are available in many countries across 500 servers. It brings easy to use features to the user because it allows the users to select the server that is located near. It delivers continue browsing with amazing speed. 
  • High-compatibility 
    This VPN offers high compatibility ration. The services of VPN are available for every platform to each user. If you are using iPhone or iOs devices, then PureVPN offers the native app for the iPhone. So, you can easily manage your connection with the iPhone VPN app. 
  • Supports different protocols:
    PureVPN supports many protocols. Some of the supported protocols are OpenVPN, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec, etc. 
  • Live Chat:
    The live chat support offers by the PureVPN app is available 24/7. If any individual faces any account or technical issue, then simply submit queries. It will never disappoint you because of the impressive time of the app. 
  • Ticketing system support: 
    If you buy any package for the iPhone app and still face some billing system issues, then do not worry. You always use the ticketing system support that submits the ticket regarding billing problems. 


PureVPN services are usually very expensive. It advertising two-year access for 2.87 dollars per month. Some short subscriptions are also possible. Six-moth subscription is available in only $7.95 per month. 

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PureVPN Price Plan 70% OFF

If you want to get a one-month subscription, then you can enjoy it at only $9.95. You can also enjoy some extra options that give more value-added services like Set IP-address, NAT firewall and some security options for corporations. 

This service provider also advertises a money-back guarantee with some restrictions. For instance, the reimbursement may expire when individual pay in cryptocurrency. 

Other users may ask for money-back requests within 7-days of purchase. Some free-VPNs are available but not recommended. 

PureVPN offers multi-accounts features with company subscriptions. It also enables the employees to log into the network of the company securely and with great protection. 

Payment options: 

  • 1-Month : (No Savings, Cost: $10.95 per month, 7-days money-back guaranteed)
  • 2-Year: (Save 70%, Price: $2.87 per month, 7-days money-back guaranteed)
  • One year: (Saves: 55%, Cost:$4.91, and 7-days money back guaranteed)
PureVPN Select Your Payment Method

Your Privacy With PureVPN

If you are looking for anonymous surfing, then PureVPN is the best solution. It supports most of the protocols and encryption methods. The research shows some issues with PureVPN like DNS leak

PureVPN offers zero log policy that indicates that the company never records anything online. But research shows that there is some session logging that appeared to connect with the server. 

PureVPN is the company registered in Hong-Kong that comes with clear ToS and privacy policy. The company records the time of connection and the consumed bandwidth. There is no logging of the visited website.

They usually record some personal details of an individual like payment details, name, and email but also claim to never share your personal information with any third party. The acceptable use of clauses is a quiet and reasonable standard. 

A VPN is dedicated to improving privacy. It only works when the company who provide services take some steps to ensure that the information is secure and protected. If the VPN keeps tabs, then you will always get secure and clear internet browsing. 

According to research, the company only gathers some revenue from subscription sales. It is a positive sign for this VPN service provider because other companies may intercept different users to insert some ads. Some other companies sold private and personal user information. 

PureVPN updated its privacy as “WE DO NOT keep any record of connection logs, history browsing activities sites you visited and original IPS“. It always delivers safe and protected data and DNS queries generated by you. 

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The good news is that the policy of the company is perfect and always sat right things. It is a perfect VPN service provider that offers safe and secure surfing. 

PureVPN iPhone setup:

If you want to know how to set up a pure VPN, then this section will help you a lot. First of all, you have to register for the account. After the registered account, its time to set up an iPhone app by using these steps: 

PureVPN iPhone and IOS VPN Features Offer
  • Go to your iPhone app store
  • Download a PureVPN app for iPhone 
  • After downloading the app, choose “change server” and then press “I know how to connect”.
  • Choose from L2TP or PPTP encryption protocol that is present on the top side of your screen 
  • After choosing the protocol, its time to select the server and country from the given list. 
  • Alternatively, you can click on “Purpose” and then select the genuine reason for the connection with VPN
  • PureVPN automatically chooses the perfect server for you. Press next 
  • Tap install and then properly follow the step-by-step instructions. When completely read instruction, the press simply “Install now”. 
  • Enter all detail of your account and then press next 
  • Now go to the iPhone setting, >>> VPN >>> Select “Pure VPN profile” 
  • Configure the VPN profile and then switch on the ” VPN button” for further completion process. 

Hands-On With PureVPN

PureVPN used to fill the space with the pictures from all around the world in its current edition You only see a huge connect button with the selected mode. The VPN doesn’t require to communicate many pieces of information like: 

  • Are you connected? 
  • What is your current IP address? 
  • Where is the server? etc. 

Usually, PureVPN is operated in 5-modes which are Internet freedom, security/privacy, Stream, dedicated and file-sharing. You only need to tap on your required mode. Dependence on what you chose, this software always delivers an amazing customized experience. 

While tapping the pulsing green connects button, the VPN is connected with the server. After connection, you will see the red “Disconnect button”. 

You can also tap the location icons and select some available servers by city and country with run pig test. 

It offers users more than 750 servers in different countries and locations. Some of the locations are: 

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

These VPN service providers also offer servers in Turkey, Russia, and China
PureVPN also allows the user to enter the domains list for which it demands a VPN connection. But never worry because PureVPN will never cap bandwidth. 

The team of VPN makers tries hard to conceal the NetFlix problem. When workers streaming Netflix, it displayed without any issue. The streaming problem occurs when they attempt it some months ago. It is common things a virtual private network may works with Netflix one day perfect but may not in other days.

Gravity and the Ozone Layer

Gravity and Ozon layer are the two add-ons features that offer by PureVPN. 
Gravity is just handling the Domain name system requests on the device like iPhone. The main thing about DNS is that it can translate human-readable URLs into the numeric IP-address.

Gravity takes some additional steps that help to block the dangerous and unwanted URLs carefully. Gravity is the feature that enables the system to block the sites which may have some security risk.

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It consists of Botnets, compromised sites, unwanted sites, and phishing sites. You can easily choose to block the sites which are not interested or may have some abuse factors. For instant, in the legal liability category, you may found sites with illegal software, nudity and child abuse pictures. 

You may block the sites that reduce productivity and the site that have no-real time analysis. Gravity is the feature that enables the user to block ads on the downloaded pages. It helps to speed up the load time and also reduces bandwidth. You can also enable a safe search feature that can help you to block some explicit results from any search engines. The setting of gravity may affect all devices. 

On the other hand, Ozone is a little bit different from Gravity. For start, you may find an icon that appears in 2-to-5 modes. 

In case when you select “File-sharing mode”, and then tap the ozone icon, then you may turn on content filtering and P2P protection features

It helps to filter all malware and filter unwanted web content for safe and secure configuration. 

Ozone may come with security/privacy mode. It enables you to enable anti-virus protection or may turn on content filtering. Both features work perfectly and give reliable services. Gravity usually works at the DNS level while ozone help to examine the traffic which is going through the server. 

Why people love PureVPN for iPhone? 

Some of the important fact about PureVPN for iPhone are:

  • User-friendly interface: 
    The PureVPN app offers the customers simple and easy to use interface. It encourages customers to even non-tech people to work with this app perfectly. 
  • Supports various payment methods: 
    PureVPN accepts mobile transfers as well as bank method. It means that if you are using your iPhone devices, then the team will know properly how to value customers and gives them high-quality services. 
  • Multiple logins: 
    It also supports five multiple logs. It means that if you are using iOs or iPhone devices, then you can avail services of PureVPN on other platforms too. 

Lost in the Ozone?
With all of the above-mentioned security features, this software takes some aspects of an anti-virus product. Due to the amazing security option, we recommended this. 

We set the gravity and block all liability categories that consist of nudity, tasteless and porn sites. 

You may sometimes be lost in the ozone. We turned on all of the features of Ozone and navigate on the test pages. PureVPN didn’t save from visiting the anti-phishing test page. It is one of the drawbacks of PureVPN. 

VPN Speed Tests

Whether you wish to stream, torrent and browse, it offers high-speed connections. It may also suffer some speed loss experience because data have been farther track ti reach the sever.    

If you want to determine the internet connection speed, then you have to measure the three main things which are given below: 

Upload speed: 

Upload speed is the speed that indicates to send data from your device to others. If uploading speed is more, then you will be able to send more files and also upload data. It is usually measured in Mbps (Megabits per second).

Download speed

Download speed is the speed that indicates the pulling from the server to your iPhone or PC. The more downloading speed indicates that you have a faster internet connection. It is also measured in Mbps (Megabits per second).


Ping means the time that is taken by the network connection that gives your response after you have sent some requests. The connection will be faster if the ping rate is low. It is measured in ms(milliseconds). 

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We also test the PureVPN by connecting it to the local server as well as a server in the United State of America. Our usual assumption about this analysis is that the time of connection to the local server is fast, it is so because data have been traveled to a small distance. 

Data received after this analysis is: 

  • Downloading speed: 12.49 Mbps
  • Uploading speed: 0.91 Mbps
  • Ping: 34 ms.

 When we connected it to Australia:

  • Downloading speed: 10.75 Mbps
  • Uploading speed: 0.85 Mbps
  • Ping: 0.85 ms.

It is an amazing and fast platform that streams in the perfect definition. 

Purposeful VPN
If you are looking for the best iPhone VPN performance that related to your need, then PureVPN is the perfect option for you. 

It enables the user to select from 5-unique modes. Choose the purpose of a VPN and then find the best server for further procedures. 

In testing, PureVPN does not show any remarkable result. But due to impressive security features, and user update, it stands as the best VPN service provider. It serves all over the world. The iOs and iPhone app help you to choose the servers based on your purpose. It scored best in the speed tests. Its security add-ons didn’t work perfectly in testing. 

Purevpn router setup

Pure VPN Netflix

PureVPN gives you a golden chance to support unblock the website. If you wish to connect with the regional version of Netflix on the VPN, then PureVPN is always a ready-to-go option for you. There is an option of NetFlix in the stream mode. While in testing, we found that this failure to obtain past VPN detection. 

Who is Using a VPN for Netflix?
Who is Using a VPN for Netflix?

The company recommended using Purevpn chrome extension to access Netflix. You will require to run the Netflix in the browser for the work rather than through an app. 

This VPN solution is more convenient to use if you want to browse TV or movies. It is an ongoing battle between the VPN providers and the streaming giant. We expect more work from PureVPN to counter the measure of Netflix perfectly

PureVPN – The Best Netflix VPN


Purevpn claims to have reliable speed but it takes some time to connect after verifying password and username. VPN test is passed by the PureVPN in certain PureVPN locations. If you want to get the fastest VPN, then NordVPN is safer pair for you. PureVPN is best if you are stick to the servers in your region. 

Purevpn OpenVPN server list and PureVPN router list enables you to search the best server nearby. It makes your work easier and reliable. 

PureVPN always focused on offers the best services to its customers. But in case, when you cancel your service, then you can apply for Pure VPN to cancel the subscription. It is available 24/7 on our live support. If there is any way that we can help you then simply contact our support tea, before moving to the cancelation request. 

The Purevpn trial method gives you a chance to choose a free trial period. But we will not recommend you to use it. Use premium accounts for further benefits.  
Purevpn special offers in the form of prices and adds-on. These are described above in the best way. 

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Pure VPN offers appealing and lengthy features with better app usability. We hope you will find this app best for the better protection of your data. If you need more detail, then feel to contact us. We will help you in a better way and gives you reliable and trustworthy advice. 

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