Best VPN for windows 2020

Best VPN for windows 2020

Most of the VPN servicers provide the best services to window clients. We tested more than 290 VPN services in our research. Here in this article, we recommended the top 10 best VPN for Windows.

Best VPN for windows

All of our recommendations offer the best and quick speeds. They have the power to easily blocking different streaming services like BBC iPlayer and NetFlix. These are the best sources that can save you while browsing or torrenting on your internet. 

Here in this article, we analyzed each aspect of VPN in the form of features, pros, cons, and pricing. We made you sure that each service can work for all window versions like Windows 7, 8, 10 and plus. The top recommendation of our research for you is NordVPN. 

Why choose NordVPN?

We choose NordVPN because it offers a 30-day fully money-back guarantee If you need a VPN for a very short time and want to watch your favorite Netflix show, then you can choose a free NordVPN package. If you are not happy with the quality of the VPN, then you can get your money back easily and instantly. 

Virtually every virtual private network on the internet caters to the window users. It means that you can easily get lots of features and options while using the window’s version. With the massive and possible VPNs selection, it may difficult to choose the one. But do not worry, we are here to help you. So, stay with us.

Best VPNs for Windows in 2020 

VPN’s are a very efficient and convenient tool or both novice and savvy users They can help you in both security and privacy factors. The VPN is best:

  • To use public WIFI safely
  • Hide browsing activity from ISP 
  • Access streaming website that is regional-restricted
  • Enjoy encrypted browsing

The service providers that I included in my list can easily be used with a better flexibility combination. You can easily enjoy secure and hassle-free browsing. 

1: NordVPN 

The best VPNs for Windows is NordVPN. It is fast, secure, well-managed and featured packed. The top VPN for window devices is NordVPN. Its P2P friendly, safer, reliable, versatile and completely log-free than any other VPN tested by us. The VPN is fast while testing it with BBC iPlayer, NetFlix and other streaming sites. You will never zero buffering and no speed reduction with this VPN. 

NordVPN operates more than 5,400+ servers in almost 60 countries. The headquartered of NordVPN is in Panama. 

This VPN secures the data of users by using AES 256-bit encryption. You can easily protect data by using a “Double VPN setting”. This layer would never need by all users. By default, NordVPN’s window uses the OpenVPN protocol and offers the kill switch. 

It usually works in China. The NordVPN offers a CyberSec feature that can automatically block malware, trackers, ads. 

NordVPN can easily unblock NetFlix US. The streaming optimized servers can easily unblock 400-geo restricted streaming services. 

Best VPN for windows


  • Support torrenting
    The VPN support torrenting with a dedicated profile for p2p enabled servers.
  • Support each windows versions
    NordVPN can easily support Windows 7, 8, 10 and plus. 
  • Unblock
    NordVPN can easily unblock BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, NetFlix, Hulu, HBO, Sling TV, and Showtime. 
  • Work with
    NordVPN usually works with Android, macOS, iOS, Firefox, Linux, Chrome, and Android TV. It is easily compatible with routers. 
  • Kills switch 
    It offers a kill switch for VPN users.

  2) ExpressVPN 

It is the best all-round VPN and fastest VPN for windows. ExpressVPN is the best and top-pick for Windows 10. It offers an impressive server level. The ExpressVPN is a great choice for gaming, streaming in 4K, and HD and torrenting. The ExpressVPN offers more than 3,000 high and reliable servers in 160-countries. 

The best all-rounded uses DNS leak protection, automatic kill switch, split tunneling, 256-bit encryption. It comes with TrustedServer technology that uses RAM to deliver all information permanently on the server once it rebooted. It guaranteed that it will never store any user logs. 

The VPN offers high-speed and reliable to all streaming services like Netflix US. It can regularly refresh The IP address of the server and avoid VPN blocks of Netflix. 
VPN also offers the best MediaStreamer technology that can easily stream your favorite movies and shows on the device having no support for VPN connection, for instant, SmartTV and gaming console.

VPN for windows


  • Unblock sites
    ExpressVPN can easily unblock different streaming sites like BBC iPlayer, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Dazn, Sling. 
  • Work with
    ExpressVPN can easily work with android, macOS, Linux, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox, and Android. It offers ExpressVPN app that can be used with many routers.
  • Kill switch 
    ExpressVPN offers the kill switch for the window. 
  • Supports torrenting
    ExpressVPN supports torrenting on all available servers. 
  • 24/7 live chat 
    24/7 via live chat customer support is offered by ExpressVPN. If you need any need, then simply contact customer support. 
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
    ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you try this amazing service without any risk.

3: VyprVPN

VyprVPN is one of the best and robust VPN service provider based in Switzerland. It offers an extremely privacy-friendly environment while surfing on the internet. It offers an amazing network of more than 700 servers in 70 various locations. It allows 200,000 IP addresses to users. 

If you want to access sites like Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer, then this VPN is perfect. 

They usually own as well as operate their server. No third party can mingle with your security and privacy. VyprVPN usually offers Chameleon technology that can easily bypass censorship blocks imposed by a state. 

Best VPN for windows 2020

I never restrict torrenting of any file types neither cap bandwidth. Window clients can easily use and set up the whole system with the help descriptive buttons. These buttons offer quick access to lots of VPN’s features. 

The payment structure offered by VPN is straightforward. You can test the service free for three days after registration. It also provides three unique subscription levels Basic, Pro and premium. The basic plan is available at $5month as an annual subscription. Premium usually comes at a rate of $6.67month. Premium and Pro plans offer great protection from the “Deep packet inspection”. 


  • Based on 
    The company is based in Switzerland which is well-known for secure privacy features. 
  • 5-connections
    You can easily get 5 simultaneously connections from various devices in the high-tire plans. 
  • Perfect security 
    VyprVPN supports many security protocols and platforms. So, it is perfect for secure and safe surfing on the internet. 
  • Payment accept
    VyprVPN usually accepted payments through Alipay. 

The VPN offers better P2P torrenting and good support. You can get a 24/7 live chat and call service of VyprVPN. 

4: IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the best and awesome VPN platforms for torrenting and some other P2P traffic. It is a best and well-organized client that offers both basic and advance features. It is the best VPN service that is available in multiple languages like Hindi, Russian, and Spanish. 

In our research, we found that there is an amazing increase in the downloading speeds. It was a fantastic speed that you want to enjoy while surfing. 

The VPN offers firm no-log policy so you can say that the data that enter by you is fully secure by the company. It will never share with any 3rd party. It also offers amazing protection with 256-bit encryption over different protocols like L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSTP. It also featured the kill switch. 

Best VPN for Windows

One of the drawbacks of this VPN is that it is a little bit pricier than others. It doesn’t offer a free trial as well. It does offer a 7-day money-back-guarantee in all three pricing plans. 


  • Unblock feature
    IPVanish comes up with an unblock feature. It can easily unblock BBC iPlayer and Netflix. 
  • Work with 
    IPVanish can easily work with Routers, Amazon Fire TV, Chrome Book, Window phone, macOS, Andoird, iOS, and Linux.
  • Money-back guarantee
    The VPN offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. The account that is created via iOS or iTunes app ate unable to get this guarantee. So, always make sure to register by using your Windows device to acquire a money-back guarantee feature.
  •  No-log policy 
    The US-based IPVanish VPN uses reliable 256-bit AES encryption, with strong no-logs policy. It also offers DNS leak protection and kills switch to its users. 
  • 24/7 live chat customer support
    IPVanish VPN offers 24/7 customer support through Email and Live chat. In case of any issue, you need simply to contact customer service. 

5: SurfShark

If you searching for a VPN that offers you unlimited device connection features, then SurfShark is the perfect choice for you. It is perfect for many users because of its impressive features. 

It usually comes with military-strength encryption, automatic kill switch, and reliable no-logs policy. The VPN is usually British-based and protects unlimited devices at the same instant. It is perfect to be used as a large household. 

Surfshark VPN Price Plan

It can easily be operated by a user working in an office to secure many devices. The network is usually small as compared to the above-mentioned VPNs. But it still has awesome unblocking powers. The VPN can access different international streaming sites like Amazon prime video, BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, NetFlix, etc. 


  • CleanWeb technology 
    The perfect CleanWeb technology can block ads, malware, trackers and phishing attempts.
  • Secure multiple devices
    The VPN helps to secure multiple devices at the same instant. It is a perfect VPN provider for those people who want to use it for home office and household. 
  • Strong obfuscation settings
    The strong encryption and obfuscation settings make VPN perfect. You can get safe and secure surfing whenever you want. 
  • Different Modes 
    You can easily choose from many profiles like camouflage mode if you want to protect your VPN connection from ISP protection. It also offers a no-border mode for extra security in the censorship-heavy areas. 
  • Money-back guarantee
    SurfShark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. It does not offer the free trial for windows version but you can check the performance of this VPN with a 30-days money-back guarantee. 

6: PrivateVPN

If you are looking for best-budget friendly VPN for windows, then PrivateVPN is the best option for you. It comes with tough and effective security features. It usually uses IPv6, DNS leak protection and 256-bit encryption.

PrivateVPN also offers automatic kill switch in its windows app. It usually operates 150 P2P friendly servers for more than 60 countries. It consists of NetFlix servers which can easily unblock top streaming services. 

PrivateVPN is Swedish-based VPN that is fully committed to internet privacy. It offers a true zero-log policy. It means that this VPN never shares your information with the Government or any third party at any cost. 

Best VPN For Windows 2020

The amazing Sleath mode is offered by private VPN that bypass deep packet inspection as well as VPN blocks. It makes an easier option to protect your privacy in countries that are subjected to censorship and surveillance. 

PrivateVPN offers customer services in the form of live chat during business hours. You must rely on email support when the team is not in the office. 


  • Best guarantee 
    PrivateVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the services of a VPN, then you can get a refund of your money. 
  • 7-day free-trail 
    It offers a 7-day free trial that enables you to check the performance of the VPN. You can access a 7-day free trial by requesting the special code from the customer service. 
  • Better security services 
    PrivateVPN is 100% committed to high-quality service and security. That makes it a great option for Windows users. 
  • Great for Window 
    It is the perfect choice for windows because of unique features that can enable them to access it easily. 
  • Customer support 
    PrivateVPN offers live chat but only at business hours. When the team of VPN is not present in the office, then users must contact via email support. 
  • Sleath mode
    PrivateVPN offers a Sleath mode that can bypass deep packet inspection and VPN blocks. It is a safe choice to use in those countries that are subjected to intense surveillance. 

7: Zenmate

Zenmate is another best VPN listed on our top priority list. It gives easy to use window app with simple three-step setup and one-click configuration.

You can easily connect to many servers in more than 35 countries with unlimited data and bandwidth. It comes with unlimited server switches that can easily move via different countries.

It offers strict and effective no-logs policy, DNS leak protection and automatic kill switch. It can easily be shielded against IP leaks with completely anonymous features. 

It will easily unblock famous streaming sites and bypasses digital censorship restrictions. You can use this amazing VPN for torrenting. You can easily use this VPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee. In case, when you need customer support, you will only need to submit a request on the Zenmate website. 

VPN for windows


  • Unblocks
    Zenmate VPN unblocks Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Amazon Prime.  
  • Support torrenting
    It offers torrenting support to Windows users. 
  • Guarantee
    You can easily use this VPN with its 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Works with
    It works with browser extensions, Opera, Andoird, macOS, iOS and Linux. 
  • Window app: 
    Zenmate offers easy-to-use window app. It comes with a simple three-step setup and one-click configuration.

How we ranked these VPNs?

Each VPN has met with the strict criteria for choosing the best and most effective VPNs. We examine these VPNs based on the following factors. 

a) Security 
The VPN with low or no security measures can easily put your data at greater risk. Some untrustworthy VPN service providers can leak data, and share data with third parties e.g. Facebook. 

All of the above-mentioned VPNs use strict-no-log policies and military-grade encryption. These VPNs offer a window app that protects your data against DNS leaks. 

b) Fast speeds
All VPNs meet the best speed requirements to download stream and torrents in high-definition. However, when you use basic accounts of these VPNs, then some speed issues may experience by you. However, if you are using a premium VPN, then this may be barely noticeable.

 c) Privacy concerns
VPNs are a very important tool for internet freedom. In many countries like Iran, Russia, and China censorship is prevalent.  

Freedom fighters and journalists who use VPNs can easily communicate freely. A citizen can use them to avoid all surveillance measures and bypasses internet censorship. We also consider this factor to choose the best VPN service for the window. 

d) Unblock streaming services
Streaming services like Hulu, Amazon pro, and Netflix use geo-restrictions to completely control content. We make sure that all of the streaming related services can unblock by these VPNs.  


There are various difficult choices to select the best one. This 7-best VPN for Windows makes your task easier. Now you can easily choose the one that offers you safe and secure surfing. If you need more detail, simply contact us. We are always ready to help you with our best knowledge. 

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