Best VPN for Mac 2020

Best VPN for Mac 2020

If you own your Mac, then you might think that you don’t require any VPN. But in actual result, it is the main and essential part of any Mac users. It is the tool that allows you to access websites that are blocked in any country. You can easily hide the location and online identity at any time with the help of these VPNs. You need a better protection level while using any public Wi-Fi. The article demonstrates the Best VPN for Mac 2020.

Best VPN for Mac 2020

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You will easily find the latest and reliable prices of each service here. But to choose as per need, you have to thoroughly read this article. It will save both your time and money. 

Why you need a VPN for Mac? 

Apple made lots of amazing decisions for better privacy and security level. But it doesn’t mean that you should not use any anti-virus on Mac. It doesn’t mean that Apple computer never enjoys any special protection from ISPs, advertisers and data-hungry spies. So, you can say that a VPN that is an abbreviation of virtual private networks is very important for Mac users. 

The main objective of the internet is to make them faster and easier information sharing. Security and privacy both were secondary concerns. 

VPNs introduced to hide your original IP address. By connecting to the VPN server, you may appear to be around somewhere else. 

With the increased popularity of Virtual private network, there is an increased number of VPNs service providers across the globe. Due to a huge number, it may difficult to find the best one that suits your needs. To help you, we have committed to extensive testing and research of VPN services that can cater to Mac owners.

What a VPN can do? 

VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the server of a VPN service and computer that you select to use. After the establishment of the tunnel, the sites that access by you, web searches, and all important information shared by you will be hidden from spying eyes. 

It means that your Internet Service Provider can never be log as well as sell your information to any third party. Hackers that used the same network will find difficult to initiate an attack on you. No one will have any chance to know about the information access by you on the public network. 

What a VPN can’t do? 

The virtual private network will not protect you from any Ransome, viruses, and malware attacks. Any attack that may happen when you visit any site that injected into your computer with malignant code or downloads any infected file. 

It would not help to steal personal information by any spoofed sites. 

VPN’s services can’t always access streaming videos. The performance of the VPN that is not built for speed may be affected and lead to give a poor experience. Some streaming video services like Netflix may prevent VPN to access the content. 

Not all VPN services support p2p server traffic. The ones that do this advertise the whole fact. So, it is necessary to check the features offered by a certain VPN. 

Best Mac VPN: (Quick links) 

Most of these VPNs cost less than $6 per month. But some VPNs are available in the free version. Before using and purchasing any VPNs, it is necessary to read all the conditions and terms of free and premium VPN account. It is so because some VPN may sell your precious data to third parties. 

Many VPN apps are easy to use and install. All of the below-mentioned VPNs will work on both iPad and iPhone. So, let get started this informative article. 

Best VPN for Mac: Reviews 2020

Express VPN for Mac

1) ExpressVPN

The best all-rounder VPN for Mac is ExpressVPN. It offers more than 3000 servers in 160 different locations. It offers 30,000 IP addressed to its users. ExpressVPN usually has 3 supported devices. 

It uses 256-bit encryption over OpenVPN by default. The app comes with split tunneling and kills switch functionality. 

It comes with a Safari browser extension and a good iOS app that enable you to get a better MacVPN experience. 

The company offers open-source leak-testing tools and contributed to the security community. It offers many security features on the server to protect its users further. 

If you ate planning to use VPN to access different streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Sky Go, and Hulu, then ExpressVPN is an undisputed and perfect champion. It offers 24/7 services and sorts out any difficulty or problem within no time. 

One of the killers and impressive addition to the service is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can easily try this VPN for 30-days. In case, if service does not satisfy you, then you simply cancel your subscription. 

Payment options:

  • 12 months at US$6.67 per month
  • 6 months at US$9.99 per month
  • 1 month at US$12.95 per month

You can easily signup for a 7-day free trial with no need for payment details. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The payment methods for PureVPN are Alipay, Gift cards, BlueSnap, PaymentWall, PayPal, Credit cards and coin payment, etc. 


  • Excellent and one of the best global server network
  • Split tunneling
  • Numerous servers available
  • Superfast speeds
  • Amazing mac-dedicated support
  • Easy to use Mac app 
  • Support 3-devices


  • Lackluster client
  • Few security tools
  • expensive one

2) NordVPN

NordVPN is one of the best and well-known VPN brands in the world. It stands as one of the easy to use Best VPN for Mac. It offers greater value because it supported by many apps. 

Nord VPN for Mac

The company offers 100% safe and secure surfing. It never keeps any logs of the user activity. It offers lots of excellent security and privacy features at great speeds. 

It is one of the most intuitive and simplest VPNs. The VPN is available on many devices like PC, Mac, tablet, and phone. Thanks to its amazing double encryption, you can easily save your data at any time. With more than 5,000 servers in 60 countries, this VPN is a more reliable VPN for mac users. 

The VPN is combined with two skill switches, strong DNS leak protection and excellent speed of the connection. So, your Mac always secures when you use this amazing VPN. 

Payment methods: 

Subscription plans included: 

  • One-month option ($11.95 per month)
  • One-year plan ($6.99 per month) (billed $83.88 every year)
  • 2-year option ($4.99 per month) (billed $119.76 every 2years)and
  • A 3-year subscription ($3.49 per month) (billed $125.64 every 3-years)

It accepts many payment methods like PayPal, Credit cards, UnionPay, Google Pay, Sofort, Alipay, and different cryptocurrencies. The availability of these plans usually depends on the location of the user. 


  • Low price
  • Large server network 
  • Confirmed no-log policies
  • Unblocks BBC iPlayer and Netflix 
  • Deliver perfect anonymity
  • Not very expensive
  • Facilitate torrenting


No-free trail

3) SurfShark: 

Newcomer Surfshark is working strenuously to build its name for an amazing macOS app. The service offers amazing value as well as experience to Mac users. 

Surfshark VPN for Mac

It is a beginner-friendly VPN that works with BBC iPlayer and Netflix. The main reason that makes it interesting is its lower cost as compared to its competitor. It offers approximately 800 servers across more than 45 countries. 

The VPN offers unlimited simultaneous and reliable connections. You can easily use and install it with many devices like Android, Mac, iOS, and PC. It offers features like multi-hop, no-log policy and kills switch. These features work great with privacy and security concerns. It is a British based VPN that offers 24/7 customer services. 

Payment options

SurfShark prices are very competitive. It comes with the following subscription plan:

  • 2-year subscription (at £2.79/$3.49 per month) 
  • 1-year option (£4.79/$5.99 per month) 
  • The 2-year deal, you can get the even lower price of £1.59/$1.99

There is a long week trail in macOS, iOS and Android apps. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It accepts different payment options like PayPal, Google Pay, and Credit card. You can also use Alipay and cryptocurrencies. 


  • Excellent macOS app 
  • Some additional protection
  • Multihop VPN feature
  • Cheap price 
  • unlimited connections


Privacy stance may be clearer 
Unable to borrow some servers

4) Most used: Pure VPN

PureVPN is a reliable and fast VPN that is packed with amazing features at an affordable price. It is one of the biggest services that comes to several countries. It offers more than 2000 servers across 141 countries. It is the best and well-renowned VPN service that is suited for powerful security, streaming and torrenting. It manages to offer the amazing band for your buck. 

Pure VPN for Mac

Compatibility wise this VPN support many platforms like Mac, Linux, Android, and Windows, According to features, it offers split tunneling, kill switch flexibility to protect 5 devices and powerful encryption at a very low price. 

Pure VPN is Hong-based VPN and considers the best and safest VPN. It offers optimized prot=cols like SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Each protocol is different from one another based on functionality. They are best for streaming online, and gaming. It offers defense against all online threats like MITM and session hacking etc. 

Pure VPN never keep logs. The provider promises its users to neither store or uses any logs detail. 

Payment detail

  • $10.95 (£8.57) per month (5 simultaneous users) 
  • 1-year – $4.16/month (Save 62%)
  • 2-year – $2.91/month (Save 73%)

You can simply signup for a 7-day free trial with no payment detail requirement. It offers a 31-days refund policy. 


  • Fast and reliable VPN for file sharers and home streamers
  • Advance features 
  • Safest for MacOS
  • Comes at reliable prices
  • 2000 serves in 141 countries.


  • The only issue is that it is not much safer than IPVanish 
  • Little bit expensive

5) CyberGhost:

CyberGhost is the best and big name in the world of the VPN industry. It’s user-friendly and affordable features are perfect for newbies. There are more than 3700 servers which are available in 58 countries. The list of servers increases at a faster rate. 

CyberGhost VPN for Mac

CyberGhost VPN is the best VPN for Mac users because it helps to keep you anonymous online. It comes with military-grade encryption that protects you against all kinds of hackers. It can easily protect you from those people who want to steal your precious data on the Public Wifi hotspots. 

The amazing and authentic CyberGhost works with many devices like tablets, browsers, Mac and phones. It also comes with ad-blocker features that increase the surfing on the internet. 
It has a highly affordable and generous money-back guarantee for all plans. If you have any problems with these services, then you can request a refund within 45-days. 

This service is especially available for free to NGO representatives and journalists. Regular users have a chance to easily get 90-days premium services through reference sharing. 

Payment options: 

  • 38 months $2.75 /month
  • 24 months $3.69 /month
  • 1 month $12.99 /month

You can easily get CyberGhost free trial services. IT may vary 24 hours for Mac and seven days for iOs devices, 
CyberGhost accept payments through credit cards, bitcoin, and PayPal. 


  • Lots of security features
  • Wide server spread
  • 245-days money-back guarantee
  • Good speed test scores
  • 7-simultaneous connections
  • Extensive and reliable coverage across the globe
  • Work with different streaming services


  • Expensive one
  • Some additional privacy tool
  • Spotty performance
  • Interface problem 

6) Private Internet Access

Private internet access is the best VPN service that especially works for more technical minded users. It comes with lots of perfect features and options. It offers better value for everyone. The price of VPN service when reviewed was started from $3.33 per month. 

 Private Internet Access VPN for Mac

The VPN is the best and solid choice for those people who want better control over the best details of encryption and security. 

PIA usually operates more than 3,300 servers in almost 32 countries. So, we can say that its network can be worked as a strong competency with any biggest VPN players. The VPN offers apps for different devices like Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, and browser extension for Opera, Firefox and chrome. 

One of the major cons of this VPN service is that it doesn’t offer any specialty servers for P2P, streaming and other important tasks. You can easily connect any of them and enjoy them a lot. It can easily unblock NetFlix streaming

Private internet access VPN service provider is the best service provider graces macOS with robust service, a smattering of unique features and attractive VPN service

Payment options

  • Monthly $9.95/month
  • Yearly $5.99/mo ($71.88 per year)
  • 2 years $3.49/mo ($83.87 per 2 years)

They offer a 7-days money-back guarantee. So, you can give security service a spin over certain days. If you are not satisfied with the product, then simply get money back. 

You get lots of choices for payment methods. You can use Bitcoin, gift cards, PayPal and cards for payment methods. 


  • Offers split tunneling
  • Well-design client
  • Fast download speeds
  •  No-logging claimed
  • No leakage detected
  • Great and amazing features
  • Advanced connection settings
  • Connect with 10 accounts


  • No specialized servers
  • Only a few additional features
  • Unable to browse some servers. 

How we select these VPNs? 

Each VPN has met with the severe criteria for picking the best and awesome VPNs. We analyze these VPNs dependent on the accompanying variables. 

a) Security 
The VPN with low or no safety efforts can undoubtedly put your information at serious hazard. Some deceitful VPN specialist co-ops can spill information, and share information with outsiders for example Facebook. 
The previously mentioned VPNs utilize severe no-log arrangements and military-grade encryption. These VPNs offer a window application that secures your information against DNS spills. 

b) Fast speeds 
All VPNs meet the best speed necessities to download stream and downpours in superior quality. In any case, when you utilize fundamental records of these VPNs, at that point some speed issues may understand by you. Be that as it may, if you are utilizing a premium VPN, at that point this might be scarcely recognizable. 

c) Privacy concerns 
VPNs are a significant device for web opportunities. In numerous nations like Iran, Russia, and China internet usage is restricted. 
Political dissidents and columnists who use VPNs can without much of a stretch impart uninhibitedly. A resident can utilize them to dodge all observation measures and sidesteps web restriction. We likewise consider this factor to pick the best VPN server for the window. 

d) Unblock streaming services 
Gushing or streaming administrations like Hulu, Amazon professional, and Netflix use geo-limitations to control content. We ensure that the entirety of the spilling related administrations can unblock by these VPNs.


Best VPN for Mac 2020

If you have a Mac device, then you should have the best VPN that helps to unblock all streaming sites. It is best to access websites that are blocked by the internet. It can easily be used while surfing. If you need more, detail then simply contact me. 

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