5 Best VPN for Android 2020

5 Best VPN for Android 2020

One of the most popular reasons for using a virtual private network is the ability to properly access the content which has been restricted geographically. For example, if you are working in any academic institution, then they might set a VPN network for you so that students access online lectures and journals for free. Online media services such as HBO Go, Hulu and Netflix are restricted to United State viewers only. This amazing  

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Best for Android 2020

Best VPN for Android 2020 reviews takes account reputation, reliability, freedom, privacy, and price as the main features to choose the best one. Before diving into a detailed review, we will first find out how does VPN works for Android, and why do we need VPN service. So, let get started: 

Working of VPN:

A virtual private network usually connects computers or any smartphone devices to remote servers. It is done to show other peoples that you are accessing content from a place other than your original place. VPN software provides the best encryption connection among your device and the websites that access by you. It enables the outsides, either they hackers or your colleagues, to never see your IP address and the content that you search online. 

With the help of a VPN, you can easily secure your content from all unauthorized users. 

Why do you need a VPN service? 

If you ever access web surfing from an unsecured Wi-Fi Location like an airport or coffee shop, then VPN software is a perfect option for you. 

You may need VPN software so that all your personal information should secure. If you want that no one on the world can snoop your internet online activity, then a VPN provider is perfect for you. 

Many top VPN providers never keep logs detail of their users. They never need any record of your browsing history, IF you want to access any type of information that you can’t access by living in a certain area, then VPN is perfect. VPNs can easily access by setting the IP address to another country. IT is the best and reliable solution for those people who want to secure their data from hackers or malware attacks. By using a VPN service that is designed for Andoird, then read out informative articles. 

Best VPN for Android

I have used many Android VPN apps because I am working in the cybersecurity and data privacy industry. I have reviewed many VPNs for this industry. One thing that I have learned during this time is that there is a very huge and remarkable difference between the perfect and average VPN. 

Today I have been chosen five Best VPN for Android. The search is 100% based on different factors that I discuss later on. 

There is a very huge difference between selecting the VPN for a phone or desktop. Screen size and interface are the two significant factors. Apps that are built for small display like phone keeps the design user-friendly. 

If you are interested in “Easy-to-use” factors, then ExpressVPN ad CyberGhost are perfect. These VPNs are usually simple and offer an amazing interface. With these VPNs, you can easily select the best streaming-friendly or most recommended servers. It is perfect for a smartphone or handheld services. They setup of both VPNs are perfect and straight forward. 

Connectivity is another major factor in the case of mobile devices. The golden standard for many VPNs is the “OpenVPN protocol” that is not suitable for mobile connection. 

Most of the users will switch instantly between Wifi and LTE at many points. IKEv2 is the perfect protocol choice for many people in the world. It begins to create a security association and uses UDP packets. 

1) ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is one of the best and fastest VPN in the world. They stay outstanding for different mobile devices. 

Best VPN For Android expressVPN

Whether you streaming some clips of your favorite TV show or download movie, then ExpressVPN is a perfect choice for you. 

The interface offers by ExpressVPN is clean and clear. All you require to tap the on button that is present at the middle side of the app. When it comes to select the locations, then ExpressVPN boasts an expansive list of more than 160 servers in more than 94 countries. 

ExpressVPN is one of the VPNs that can excel in each category; 
from torrenting to streaming, or general browsing, those VPNs always offers you seamless and quick features. You can set your account to connect it automatically when the device power is one. 

Why do we like ExpressVPN? 

The only downside of ExpressVPN is its price. But features offers by this VPN service provider is awesome. It offers 30-days money-back guarantees that indicated that the service is risk-free. 

ExpressVPN is focused on offering an amazing streamlined experience. It manages all of its work because it comes with a kill switch. Kill switch is a feature that should be present in any good VPN. Kill switch usually stop all of the internet traffic if your VPN is disconnected automatically. The kill switch allows every device on a local network to function normally. 

It is perfect user-friendliness because you will only need to choose your plan and select the payment method. There will be no annoyances like entering your name or check-in in any spammy email list. 


  • It is one of the fastest and effective VPN services for Android 
  • It offers simple and easy to use interface
  • It comes with remarkable features
  • Offers kill switch 


  • Little bit expensive

2) NordVPN:

NordVPN is usually started at only $2.99 per month for a 3-days subscription. It is amazing and perfect pricing that gives you a better privacy level. Nord VPN offers amazing apps that are very easy to use. I got some VPNs on my phone, NordVPN stands the best of all. It only takes 2-3 seconds to start the app and then connect to the server. It is easy to use the app. Most of the VPNs may take 10 seconds to connect. 

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Best NordVPN for Android

When you going to open NordVPN, then you will see some simple detail there. Some of the important points that offered by NordVPN are; quick connect button, settings button and swipe-to-open server lists and options. 

The clean and clear interface comes with unique maps in the background that will able to select some specific area that you want. 

In setting options, you will easily find some usual configurations with a VPN service. CyberSec is one of the features that boost up security and shield you from all kind of issues, cyber threats, and phishing attempts. 

CyberSec is a content blocker that runs on the system smoothly on a system level rather than a browser extension. It works as the best adblocker feature that is the plus point for everyone. 

NordVPN for Android is more accessible as compared to ExpressVPN. It comes with a 3-year plan that costs more than $100. You can also cancel the subscription service anytime you want. 

Why Do We Like NordVPN?

NordVPN comes with an amazing set of specialty servers. Some of them are obfuscated, dedicated IP, P2P and double VPN options.  

The standard servers are perfect for all users. You can use these specialty options in a case when you need more privacy. 

It protects from all kinds of malware and inexpensive plans. It can easily block ads and gives you better security options. 


  • It comes with huge specialty servers
  • It comes with inexpensive plans
  • It can easily block ads
  • It is work as malware protections


  • Does not offer a kill switch
  • Inconsistent speeds

3) VyprVPN

VyprVPN is highly recommended and the best VPN for both security and speed. It is a simple one that can easily be used. VyprVPN Android app comes with 3-buttons that dominates the bottom of your screen. If you want to navigate the setting, then you easily see the server list and connection status on the app. It is very comfortable and feels perfect for your eyes. 

Best VPN for Android vyprVPN

It is a fast and reliable service that is provided by a golden frog. Golden frog is the company that possesses a solid track record while it comes to online security or privacy. It runs and owns its network that is independent of any 3rd parties. The server never shares data with anyone and keeps IP addresses secret. It offers 70 serge locations and support for 256-bit encryption.

One of the unique features possess by this Best VPN for Android is Chameleon. It is an ideal technology when you are looking for streaming content from any other country. 

It also posses kill switch features. The android app of this VPN is easy to use. You will only need to tap connect and find any nearby server. Choose any faster server and then browse the list if you want to find a list of any particular country. 

Another attractive feature about this VPN is that you can easily configure it and connect according to your preference. Due to this preference, this VPN is perfect for public wifi protection. The server is Switzerland based. 

The standard account costs $10 per month but $60 for a whole year. IT allows for 3-simultaneously connections. We recommend you to use a premium account that only cost $13 per month and $80 per year. You can test the amazing service of this VPN through the free-trail period. 

Why do we like VyprVPN?

Streaming may not be good for this VPN but the download speeds of this VPN are consistent Fast downloads and uploads are the one features that keep this app at the top-three Best VPN for Android 2020. It comes with an automatic activation option for public networks. This feature is evidence that this version os perfect for mobile versions. 


  • Comes with fast and reliable speeds
  • It offers free trail as well as premium account
  • It comes with genuinely and well-made mobile phone app 
  • It offers amazing security and speed options
  • Comes with the kill switch
  • Many VPN protocols


  • No refunds
  • Low server count

4) CyberGhost

CyberGhost is another best VPN for Android on the web. It offers the best security and privacy features along with amazing high-speed servers in many countries. It was founded in 2011 in Romania. Romania is the country with having lower internet censorship law. 

Best VPN for Android CyberGhost VPN

It comes with a zero-log policy that makes the VPN highly recommended for security and privacy enthusiasts. 

Cyberghost is focused highly on the speed and it improves the working performance of your connection. It makes an ideal VPN for gaming and streaming. 

CyberGhost ranked among the top-5 perfect VPV on this globe. It comes with the best privacy features because it has a no-log policy. The VPN does not concern who you are and what you do on the web. Another important feature of this VPN is that you choose which application and programs should always be used by the Cyberghost by default. 

The app comes with built-in malicious protection as well as the anti-tracking feature that acts like an anti-malware and anti-spyware app. You can easily get some extra benefits with this VPN. 

What do we like?

Cyberghost can easily be used for privacy. It comes with high-privacy jurisdiction and security features like anti-tracking and content protection etc. 
The Cyberghost offer 4-plans that you can choose. These prices are high as compare to other VPN providers but it comes with lots of amazing features. 


  • Very fast download and upload speed
  • Superfast access to Netflix
  • Compatible with Android device
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ultra-secure and super fast
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Little bit pricier 

5) Private Internet Access

PIA is one of the smallest and reliable worldwide servers that spans 32 countries. It offers more than 338o servers in 50 locations. 

Best VPN for Android

If you are looking for no-frills and fast VPN service, then PIA deserves your attention. 

It offers many features like IPv6 leak protection and DNS leak protection. It comes with a connection kill switch that prevents traffic from going somewhere when VPNs get a disconnect. It is easy to access services through TCP and DP. PIA offers port forwarding and bandwidth features. They are usually operated in a different region of a country. 

PIA is a security-focused VPN service, The product always committed to offers the best protection against data theft, tracking, hackers, and hackers. It provides all packages that you can use for 5-deice at a time. If you are living in a tech-savvy house and want to make everyone happy, then PIA plans are perfect for you.

What do we like? 

PIA is compatible with many devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Mac, and Windows. It can be used across many devices. It is very fast and never kept logs. It also features a VPN kill switch. 


  • Featured VPN’s kill switch
  • No logs kept 
  • Use across many devices
  • Very fast and reliable


  • No free trial 

How to choose the Best VPN for Android? 

There are some criteria that you should check while choosing the best android VPN service. 

a) Speed, servers, and stability 
A slow VPN is the one that you never want to use while trying to unblock Netflix streaming. These three factors should be considered while choosing the best VPN for android. Always think about the location where you need to signup for a VPN. 

b) Privacy and logging
Logs are the data that keeps by VPN providers about the activities done on the web. Always use the VPN service that has strong zero-log policies. 

c) Quality app: 
VPN providers come with easy to use features Some VPNs are of low-quality apps so, before purchasing any server, check the apps that offered by it. Be energy efficient. No one wants the app which drains phone battery only in an hour. Some apps require updates that make the overall working perfect and make sure about any security concerns. 

d) Security
Choose the VPN that offers a better level of security and encryption protocols. It means that you need OpenVPN with a protective suite of authentication and encryption.

The five alternatives above will ensure your cell phone while gives quick and simple to utilize. Each VPN recorded has its qualities, so don’t feel awful going with one that is evaluated lower on the rundown.

They will always keep traffic private and help you to keep ISP from throttling traffic. They can easily be used and can be affordable.  

Our predictable victor is ExpressVPN, however, you may think unexpectedly. Is there a choice you feel ought to have made the review awesome? If any of the above-mentioned VPNs offer you the best time, then share your experience with us. If you are not using an Android VPN, then you should start doing now. You will never go working with any of these choices. So, just choose the one and start safe browsing today. In case, if you need any more detail, then simply use our contact button. We will always ready to offers you the best services at any time.

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