Best Free VPN Services of 2020

Best Free VPN Services of 2020

Privacy is really important, and you probably know that. That is why you are looking for a brand new Free VPN.

The Internet is becoming a more restrictive place to be. And in many countries, important content is getting prohibited.

There are too many reasons why you are looking for a free VPN. But it’s okay after all.

Best Free VPN Services of 2020

Maybe you don’t have enough money to afford it, or maybe you are not sure if it is a good investment – or maybe you just want to try out the free trial. That is why in this article, you will see which ones are the best ones in this case.

Updated to this year – for not having any troubles.

Take into consideration that because of being free, many of them don’t offer premium features. Or maybe some of them do, but the quality is not the same.

No doubts that while is free, then the better. Right?

That is why we want to show you all this exclusive information we have been collecting especially for you.

If you still don’t know what a VPN is, or how it works. Just check this article. You will see how it can help you out – in so many ways.

Below you will have a Table Of Contents that will help you out to go through all the content. For you to understand it easier without having to scroll.

Table Of Contents

Best VPNs For Windows 2020

Remember that most VPNs that work on Windows, also run in other devices – such as Android, iOs, and Mac.

Just that each one of them has a different version.

Best Free VPNs For Windows 2020

Anyway, some of them are not available in all operating systems. But through this article, you will see which ones are working.

The Internet is full of VPNs that promise a lot, but they end up being a waste of time.

But don’t worry.

Below you will have the best providers that truly work on Windows – in 2020.

1: Surfshark

This VPN allows you to get access to all the basic features you need. Just like protecting your identity, and from possible attacks – from hackers.

It’s very easy to use, and intuitive. Any person can just download it right now and start using it in less than five minutes. The installation is easy.

No doubts that this is one of the best you could ever find.

But don’t forget that the free version won’t give you all the functions that a premium VPN could give you.

2: NordVPN

You probably heard of this one in the past. It is because they have been on this market for years. And they are known as one of the best VPNs.

And they have a lot of features to offer on their free trial. And it makes it much more better.

They give out an extra layer of security, that will help you navigate through the internet without any trouble. You won’t have to worry about leaving footprints, or hiding your IP. Nord will do it for you.

Something really interesting to note is that they don’t collect personal data. And many other providers do.

But yes… it’s free. And works perfectly on Windows.

3: HotSpot Shield

For years, HotSpot Shield has been the favorite from too many people. And it’s true. Because it is very easy to use and the installation only takes a few minutes.

But do you know what is the real “trick” behind this VPN?

Well, the free version only gives you an extra layer of security. That will only protect you a little – but enough.

It will hide your IP and will meet all the other VPN functions that you normally see. But not many. For example, there are not too many countries available.

At this moment, there are only 15 countries which you can connect to.

But it’s free. So take this as an opportunity if you are not looking to spend your money on a paid VPN.

4: CyberGhost

You probably heard about this VPN before. Well, it’s more than famous. And it’s premium version is fantastic. Because it has a lot of features that other providers don’t offer.

But don’t worry, you can try it out on their free trial.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field, this VPN will help you out to keep yourself anonymous on the web. It will hide your IP, footprints, and won’t keep any important personal data.

Its design is very intuitive and easy to use. You can download the free trial on Windows in less than 3 minutes. It won’t take you any time to set it up.

You can also use it with TOR – something that is not common on VPNs.

No doubts that this one is one of the best VPNs you could get – and their free trial is great.

5: BullGuard VPN

BullGuard is one of the best VPNs of the last year. Especially if you are looking for a nice service.

It doesn’t have the most advanced functions, either the best protection. But it’s free, and will help you out if you don’t have a VPN to use.

Remember that it is only a free trial. You can take advantage of it and try out all the functions of the Premium plan. But once the trial ends, you will have to pay.
Anyways, you can use the trial and cancel anytime. If you don’t feel comfortable with the service they are offering.

Best VPNs For Mac 2020

Well, now you will read about all the VPNs you can use on your Mac. No doubts that there are too many. But take in consideration that most of them are free trials.

Best Free VPNs For Mac 2020

Other ones are free, but their functions are limited.

While being free, you won’t be as protected as you expected – in only a few cases – while you are connected through a server.

But that does not mean that it’s not effective. You can use free trials to see how the premium version works. And then decide if it is a good option or not.

Well, below you will have the best VPN providers that you can use in Mac – for free.

1: TunnelBear

You can use TunnelBear as your best choice. A lot of people consider it as the best one because of the design it has.

It is so intuitive that even a 5 years-old kid could connect through a server in less than a minute.

You can use the free version, but with one condition – it has 500 MB of data available per month.

Once you finish this quota, you have to subscribe to the premium plan.

TunnelBear offers incredible features. Such as connecting through a server, and keep yourself connected even if your computer turns off.

Anyway, it’s better to test the free version first. So you can check how it works, and then see if it meets your requirements.

2: ExpressVPN

This VPN is incredible. If you are just getting started, and you want a serious provider, then you should get started with ExpressVPN.

They offer a 31 days free trial. If you don’t like the way it works, you can cancel anytime.

One of the best things it has is that you can chat with their support 24-hours a day. If you have any questions or find yourself in trouble, they will help you out.

That is why it is one of our favorites. Take a look over it, their features are unique and could turn your VPN experience into one of the best ones.

Also, you can connect through your iPhone or iPad, you just need to download the app that is available on the App Store.

Just like we said before. NordVPN works for Mac and Windows.

You can download it’s App on any device that has iOs. And it will work smoothly, without any problems.

They offer you up to 6 devices connected through the same server at the same time. This is incredible.

You can get their 31 days free trial. After that, you can cancel, or just keep and stick with a plan.

3: VyprVPN

No doubts that this is a good option for your Mac. This provider has a lot of features that could help you a lot, especially if you are getting started.

From keeping you protected to help you to encrypt all the activities you do on the internet.

One of the biggest features from Vypr is that you can get access to content blocked by Netflix. This is something that only a few VPNs are offering.

Governments and hackers are not a problem anymore. No one will be able to see what you are doing – or why you are doing it. Everything is safer with a VPN.

You can use the free trial for a whole month – and then cancel if you are not comfortable with it.

4: Hide.Me

This VPN is pretty new. Many people refer to it as “The Most Revolutionary VPN From The Last Five Years”

They are currently offering 3 different plans. Plus, Premium and the Free plan.

The free plan allows you to get access to more than 115 servers – with more than 23 countries in total.

You will always be protected, and you won’t have to worry about your privacy – at least, while you are using it.

Their free version is a good option if you are looking for a good VPN alternative. Or if you are just looking to get a new one, and you are not sure where to start.

Best VPNs for Android

Alright, so now is the turn of Android devices. And there are a lot of VPN providers that are available for this operating system.

Best Free VPNs for Android

But there is one problem – many of them are not working.

Or they are just working too slow, or give out a lot of interruptions making it impossible to connect safely.

Anyway, there are a lot of them which are effective – and have free trials. So you can check it out and make your research.

That’s why we are going to give you a list of the best VPNs you could get today for your Android device.

  • ExpressVPN
  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe
  • Betternet
  • ProtonVPN
  • FinchVPN

For more information about ExpressVPN and TunnelBear, just go to the section of Windows and Mac. And you will find an updated review.

1: Windscribe

This provider offers up to 10 GB monthly – of navigation data. For free. It also has it’s own browser, with an ad-free extension.

Take into consideration that you won’t be so protected while using this VPN. It is almost impossible to compare it with the best providers.

But it’s free.

And if you are in a hurry for getting a VPN, then this one might help you out.

2: Betternet

If you are looking to connect to the internet more reliably, but without “asking too much”. Then this VPN is for you.

From connecting safely to the internet, without leaving any footprints. To connect to servers from other countries without interruptions.

It gives you all the basic features any VPN has. But it has a big disadvantage; it shows ads.

And yes. That is the only way that developers can survive economically. Because the VPN is free-to-use.

So you already know. If you are looking for a good VPN with a strong background – and you don’t want to pay – then give it a chance.

3: ProtonVPN

This free VPN is one of the best you could actually get. It was launched last year, and people love its design.

You can install it and start using it – in less than five minutes.

It has all the basic features that any other normal VPN offers. Like data protection, secure navigation, and many more.

But remember that it has a disadvantage – like most of the “free” stuff.

That navigation speed is really slow. Surfing the web turns into a nightmare because pages take too long to load.

You are allowed to connect to up to 3 different countries, in which there are many different servers.

It is a very good VPN if you want to get started – and you have no clue where to start – so better to give it a chance.

4: FinchVPN

This is a good VPN – and their free version is a good one.

It offers “OpenVPN”, one of the best connection protocols. That will help you out to keep yourself more secure while surfing on the web. Without having to worry about your IP.

They will give you a monthly quota of 3GB for internet navigation. It is a lot, especially if you are only surfing the web.

But if you are looking to download content, then this might not be the best option for you.

Best VPNs for iPhone

Well, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Free VPNs for iPhone work differently than they do on Android.

Best Free VPNs for iPhone

And you need to understand that quality is not the same. Anyway, many of the ones we mentioned earlier, are also available on the App Store.

Here you have a list with the best VPN providers you can start using on your iPhone right now.

Most of them have been reviewed before. And the functionality is the same, in most of them. The only thing that changes is the design and interface.

All the functions will always remain the same after all.

Anyway, there is a VPN that we have never talked about before. Super famous, and a lot of people are happy using it.

1: VPN by SurfEasy

It is one of the most valuable apps on the App Store. And it’s really useful if you are looking for something for free – and functional.

Everybody says that it is a good VPN because you do not need any knowledge to use it. You can download it and get started in only one minute.

You just need to download and open the app. And you will be connected.

The only bad thing about this app is that the free version allows you to use up to 250 MB of quota. There is a way to increase them, of course.

They give you more quota if you confirm your email, or rate the app on the App Store – for example.

Or just paying for the Premium Plan is enough for removing the quota.

In Conclusion

Well, after reading all this article, now you probably know which one’s are the best VPNs you can download right now.

As you can see, many VPNs that work on Mac, also work on Windows. The same happens for those which runs for Android and iOs.

No doubts that we all love free stuff – but don’t have high expectations with them.

But free trials are necessary. Many people use them to try services before having to pay upfront. Just like it happens with ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, or NordVPN.

There are too many providers, that it is really difficult to choose one.

So try to test as many as possible. So you can keep one that really suits your needs.

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