NordVPN Review 2020

NordVPN Review 2020

What is a VPN? VPN is an abbreviation of a Visual Private Network. It is an amazing connection method that is used to add privacy and security to both private as well as public networks like the internet and WIFI Hotspots. Here in this article, we will discuss the NordVPN VPN in detail.

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I hope it will give you the best information regarding VPN. We recommended you to read this amazing knowledge-based article to get an in-depth explanation of the NordVPN. 

Before discussing Nord VPN, We will first talk about what is VPN. VPN is the network that is used by many corporations to secure their sensitive data from any authorized access. Privacy and security have been enhanced with VPN due to the reason for replacing the initial IP address of users with the virtual private network provider. 

NordVPN packs are considered the best and excellent VPN service that offers unique, reliable and friendly features for iPhone devices. One of the simplest and reliable ways to protect network connection from all kinds of snooping eyes when you use the iPhone is to properly route the network connection through VPN like NordVPN. 

With the help of the NordVPN app, you can easily connect to servers all around the world. Nord-VPN offers an amazing set of functions, best security and perfect designed applications for reliable performance. It has unique features called “SmartPlay” that can unblock more than 150 geo-restricted streaming network services. It not only offers the strongest tunneling protocols but also gives free proxy for the app. 

Why you need a NordVPN? 

You will need NordVPN for following purposes: 
Hide IP address:
While connecting to the Nord VPN, you can easily hide your real IP address. 
Encrypt data transfer
NordVPN will secure your data that transfer over the public WIFI network. 
Change IP address
Using Nord VPN you can easily get a different IP address.
Access blocked sites:
With NordVPN, you can easily get around those websites that are blocked by governments. 
Mask location
With Nord-VPN, users can easily choose the origin of the country for proper internet connection. 

So, from here we conclude that NordVPN is the best privacy provider that keeps data safe, offers a secure connection and gives you the ability to access services that are not available for you. If you want to get amazing privacy and security while browsing on iPhone devices, then you can easily do it with the help of Nord VPN

How to use a NordVPN

Are you the one looking for the best tutorial to use Nord-VPN? then you are in the right place. You can access a VPN on your iPhone. It enables you to get secure access to the company’s network. Different iPads and iPhones offer excellent VPN support. You can easily connect to “OpenVPN networks” and other VPN with the 3rd party apps. 

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You can easily support VP protocols on the iPhone by just follow the following steps: 

  • Tapping VPN under network 
  • Tapping add “VPN configuration”
  • Tapping your required protocols like PPTP and L2TP

If you want to get easy access to a VPN, then NordVPN is the perfect option for you. Follows these steps to use a VPN on your iPhone. 

  • Creates your account with Nord VPN 
  • Download an app named as “NordVPN app” on iPhone and iPad devices. NordVPN is one of the best, secure and fast VPN with an icon which looks like mountains
  • After downloading an app, you need to open it 
  • Click on the left-sided person icon for further process
  • Sign in by using your account details
  • Click on “Quick Connect”. 
  • At that stage, you will be further asked to permit the connection with Virtual Protocol network 
  • Click on the approved option 
  • The screen with a standard message will appear that asks for permission that routes all your internet activity via VPN tunneling
  • Click on allow. 

If you have face ID or Touch Id, then the system asked to use it in Nord-VPN configuration. You can also enter your passcode if you fail to use a face ID or touch ID. You can set up your VP setting on iPhone by clicking on setting > General option. 

You can also see a map that shows you different servers all around the world. The server used by you is an active server indicated by the green icon. Your browsing will be completely anonymous and secure while connected to the server. 

How to configure VPN on your iPhone manually?

The following steps are used for easy access to NordVPN for iPhone. 

  • Launch setting option for home screen
  • Tap on General option and then VPN
  • Click on “Add VPN Configuration”
  • Tap on Type; select your required VPN type from L2TP, IKEv2, and IPSec
  • Click on Back that is present on the upper left corner 
  • Enters required VPN setting information like remote ID, description, and server
  • Type authentication login detail like password, and user name or certificate
  • If you have any proxy, then enable the proxy by tapping on auto or manual option 
  • Tap “Done” 
  • Toggle your status switch on under the VPN configurations
NordVPN for iOS

After using a VPN, if you want to switch off, then go to setting > VPN and turn it off. 
If you want to use it again, then Go to setting option > VPN and then toggle the status to switch on. 

Features and pricing 

VPN pricing: 

The amazing NordVPN iPhone app is easily available as the free download app from the “iTunes app store”. It works on both iPads and iPhones. 

Nord VPN app is free, but for services, you have to pay. The company does not give you many free subscription tiers. It also discontinues its free trail series because VPN may be abused by different scammers. 

Pricing scheme of NordVPN are:
Whether you use NordVPN on PCs or iPhones, with $11.95 cost you get a 30-day subscription plan 

  • It offers a 1-year plan for only $83.88
  • You can easily get a 2-year subscription plan at only $95.75 
  • With only $107.55, users can easily get a 3-year subscription plan with NordVPN.
NordVPN Subscription Plan Review

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NordVPN offers a 3-day free trial for the years. The company usually accepts credit cards, online payment methods, and PayPal. It also offers its users a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

NordVPN Payment Method Reviews

Features of NordVPN 

Some of the top features of Nord-VPN are: 

  • CyberSec
  • Double VPN
  • No Log Policy 
  • P2P sharing
  • Onion over VPN 
  • Automatic kill switch 
  • Streaming
  • High-speed VPN 
  • Content access
  • DNS leak protection 
  • Hide IP address
  • Bitcoin payments
  • Military-grade encryption 

Problems that solved by NordVPN
The problems that solved by NordVPN are: 

a) Global product testing
NordVPN is the perfect VPN that used as a global product testing service. Companies that have international reach can easily test the product in various markets with the help of NordV-PN. This is the software that enables the testing via many VPN servers that give unobstructed internet. 

b) Multi-platform protection
With the help of Nord-VPN, users can easily connect six accounts under only a single account. It also assured online privacy and security as well. The VPN application is available for various platforms like Apple devices, Android, Windows, and Mac. It also enables users to enjoy Nord-VPN security as well. 

c) Mobile safety 
NordVPN offers amazing security and protection to both iOS and Android devices via many user-friendly and smart apps. It is designed to give protection when your secure server connection goes down. NordVPN ensures to gives perfect peace of mind to its users that every personal information remains secure all times.

d) Safeguarded payments
Users can also do online transactions with NordVPN without any fear. Due to multi-grade encryption, users can easily make secure financial protections with NordVPN

Your privacy and NordVPN 

NordVPN offers salient features that enhance user security and privacy. So, take a look at some enhanced features and encryption of NordVPN.

Strong Encryption standards: Usually users of NordVPN use HMAC SHA256 hash authentication and NordLynx protocols that rely on sophisticated cipher-suites. Two industry-leading standards IPSec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN are used by NordVPN. 

NordVPN CyberSec: It is a security feature which used all types of tracking blocker, malicious sites filter, and advertisement. NordVPN works well to block all tracking and advertising domains on various sites. CyberSec can easily activate within NordVPN Client. 

Data processing: Nord-VPN processes the user data automatically and manually. It acts as a responsible and reliable personal data controller. It uses a 3rd data processor party for emailing service, basic website, app analytics, and processing of payment data, etc. 

No-log policy: NordVPN guarantees reliable and strict no-logs policy. It means that activities are not recorded, logged, stored, and passed to any 3rd party.

The company does not insert any ads to web traffic and never gets profit by selling user data. It only collects voluntary diagnostic and app-crash statics data. Due to perfect customer security privacy, we can say that NordVPN stands the best VPN for iPhone users.

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If you want to have better privacy option, the VPN is a better option for amazing protection and privacy, It is so because the NordVPN is encrypted with the unique level of privacy. It also offers the NordVPN chrome extension & Firefox that will hide your IP address while using chrome. It is a perfect option to have an amazing privacy approach. 

Add NordVPN extension

Hands-On with NordVPN 

The iPhone app offers the same layouts scenario as given by the NordVPN Android app. When it comes to VPNs, Nord-VPNs proved to be the best service provider that gives you secure online activities. 

You can tap the list and choose a server location (5643 servers · 58 countries) from our fantastic location instead of using a map. 

NordVPN servers 5643 servers · 58 countries List of NordVPN server locations

Quick connect button: 
If you are in a hurry, you can easily tap on the “Quick Connect button”, that easily connects you with the nearest VPN servers. 

Account icon: 
Tap account icon that lets users toggle the smart reconnect and kill switch feature. It also enables you to access the account information. 

Kill switch: 
The kill switch features will blocks data from flow out of the phone. It is not possible on iOS devices and less common on iPhone devices. 

DNS resolution service: 
You can easily change the DNS resolution service from the setting section. The client automatically connects to a start-up. It doesn’t have the split tunneling features that route traffic. 

NordVPN offers CyberSec features. With the help of CyberSec, NordVPN can easily block malware and ads and secure DDoS activity at a network level. 

TunnelBear offers tracker and adblocking in a browser plugin which offers more flexibility. 

Nearly every VPN company offers handy apps. NordVPN offers amazing user experience with apps despite the platform that the user used. Window clients shared many features with a monochrome blue map. 

Good Speed Test scores
We conducted many NordVPN speed tests by using the OpenVPN protocol. NordVPN for iPhone adds physical distance and some other limiting factors to a normal internet connection. 

NordVPN stands as reliable VPNs and best speed test champion among other VPNs. The download speed of Nord-VPN noted by me was 93.4 Mbps. The data can easily travel across the globe from UK to USA server. The downloading and uploading speed 92.4 Mbps was incredible and brilliant foe video chats and sending large downloads.  

If you are looking for reliable and speedy VPN for browsing, torrenting and streaming, then NordVPN is the best option for you. With the help of NordVPN, you have amazing access to all streaming sites you require. It offers user-friendly apps for many devices with Quick connect features. It gives a guarantee to the amazing possible speeds with the single click button. 

This is one of the top-notch security that offers automatic kill switch, strict no-logs policy and 256-bit AES encryption.  

Looking for private and safe access to the internet but never want to sacrifice performance for reliable security? , if your answer is yes, then NordVPN gives the fastest experience that is protected by “Military-grade encryption”. 

Bypass ISP throttling
With the help of NordVPNs, you can easily enjoy all uninterrupted streaming experience without any bandwidth throttling and buffering.

Secure streaming: 
Watch amazing TV shows ad HD movies at home. You can easily watch full speed movie with great security and privacy. 

Have secure data: 
 You can easily save your private data at all times. Whether you streaming, download files, or browsing data on any unprotected public WiFi., NordVPN is a perfect option for you. 

More servers mean a faster connection and more freedom. NordVPN offers more than 4000 servers in 62 countries that ensure you the best and fastest VPN experience. 

NordVPN offers many servers in various locations that optimized for smooth and secure file sharing features. 

Pros and Cons of NordVPN

NordVPN is powerful in the VPN business. It was started in 2012 and became one of the popular company in a short period. It manages more than 4ooo servers and offers many benefits to its users. 


Top-notch security and privacy: 
NordVPN offers users the best security and privacy option. Due to high-security concerns, many users and corporations use the amazing VPN in daily routine activities. 

Offers kill switch that prevents privacy compromise
There are two versions of the NordVPN kill switch depending on the platform. The Mac and windows version allows choosing what apps are stopped communicating while mobile app stops everything. 

Gives you amazing fast speed 
NordVPN offers fast speed in different locations. The overall speed of the VPN is perfect and highly impressive. 

Awesome price offers
NordVPN offers one month, one year, two years and a three-year plan at an affordable price. The product also offers 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Updated NordVPN Netflix support 
Thecompanyblock VPN users and helps its users to access “Netflix” Content. 

Secure and double protection with double VPN
NordVPN comes with double VPN features. Your phone device and computer connect with one VPN and then a second VPN server to get your own desired destination. 

Reliable and affordable service
NordVPN offers reliable and affordable services to its users. It gives reliable services to its users. 

Blocks ads and some other web threats 
It can easily block ads and other web threats. Users can use this VPN and protect from undesirable ads as well as web threats. It claims to provide adblocking and some extra malware protection with its own CyberSec suite. 

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  • Slow app and server connection
  • Expensive
  • Lack of a few features of windows 
  • OpenVPN is not user-friendly 
  • Torrenting may be supported on a few servers. 

An Award-worthy VPN 

According to CES 2019, NordVPN has acquired awards for the best customer service and best VPN overall. These two awards show the hardworking of the entire team of NordVPN. It offers secure consumer VPN on the market. 

NordVPN comes up with a relatively high price and offers many servers all over the world.

Frequently asked questions: 

What is the kill switch? How does it work?

Kill switch is the technology that terminates the process when the connection of VPN drops. Users can use this feature with custom NordVPN software for different devices like iOS, Linux, macOS, and window. 

What is double VPN and what is its main function?

Double VPN is the privacy and security solution that is used when the data us double encrypted via a multi-node farm. The user can easily connect to the 1st node where the data is being encrypted. The secured data travels to the 2nd nodes to get encrypted and reaches to the internet. 

How many devices can easily be connected to NordVPN with one account? 

Six devices can easily be connected with only one NordVPN account instantaneously. But if you connect many devices to the same server, then you must be chosen various protocols for the VPN connections. So, it means that a total of three devices can be connected to the same server at the same time. 

Can I change the Username of the VPN?

Yes, you can easily change the VPN username. But for that purpose, you must send the request at [email protected] You have to prove at this stage that you are the owner of your account. 

How to change the VPN password? 

For this process, you should first login to your profile. Select the “Change password” option. Check your email from NordVPN. Click on the sent reset link option. Follow the instruction and change your password. 

How to contact support?

You can get support from the “Contact us” page. You can here search your answer from the Help center or simply email us at our email address. You will receive your answer within 48 hours. 

What is a VPN connection?

VPN stands for a virtual private network that reroutes as well as encrypts data traffic, and protect separation online. If you want to create a VPN connection on the iPhone, you will first need to download the VPN app from “App store”. You can easily find NordVPN, which is considered the best VPN platform for iPhone devices here. 

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Access the website on your iOS or iPhone through VPN is more secure than access without any VPN in many situations. So, it is important to properly check the features offered by the VPN.

Nord-VPN stands the best VPN for internet users because it helps to save ad protect your data. It lets to enjoy private and secure internet access in only a single tap via android TV, tablet, and smartphone. It offers ultra-fast servers for P2P sharing with double encryption.

It may some time slows down the connection because all of your data going to as well as from connected device that must be pass through servers to be encrypted doubly. It is an extra step that can cause slowdown connection speed. 

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I hope you enjoy this amazing review of NordVPN for the iPhone. If you need any more detail, then comment. We will help you to offers the best quality information about VPNs.  

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